June 19, 2021

Mu Season 8 Ep2

Update: 4.0
– Fixed Summons Golden skill;
– Fixed reset system without character reload;
– Removed Message dialog at /reset system command;
– Fixed GM Connect message;
– Fixed guard say from NpcTalk Event;
– Added evo command;
– Fixed Seed extraction fail;
– Added /autoReset system;
– Fixed some strings at ResetSystem;
– Added /autoadd command (/autoadd <str|dex|vit|ene|cmd|[off]> <value>);
– Fixed GameServer Interface;
– Fixed a Creation of Log directory;
– Fixed Ranking Server Connection protocol;
– Fixed Summons the demon Level 5;
– Fixed Pet’s and Rings experience;
– Added Pet’s and Rings experience configuration at CommonServer.cfg
– Fixed Personal Shop open only in Safe zone;
– Added /invisible command;

Update: 5.0 
– Re-Fixed some interface problems;
– Added a optional message when open GameServer;
– Fixed Party check with GensSystem active;
– Fixed Arca Battle war with party members error;
– Added a option to update dbo.Character when reset;
– Fixed a crash when dbo.PremiumData is empty;
– Fixed a bug when die in Arena and character is moved to Exile;
– Added /OpenWare command to open vault in any place;
– Changed /invisible command to /kill <player> command;

Update: 6.0
– Fixed elemental system;
– Fixed Bill users is not being loaded;
– Fixed Double Goer Event Crash;
– Changed Interface;
– Added /premiuminfo <player> command;
– Added GetPremiumName at user.h;
– Fixed Double Goer event crash;
– Fixed Rage Figther Skill Tree at server files;
– Fixed a crash when recive Premium Info from MultiServer;
– Added Auto Reset system to use groups;
– Added a Premium groups for reset system;
– Fixed get ResetGroup and messages for AutoReset;

Update: 7.0
– Fixed crash command /AutoAdd with off parameter;
– Changed /AutoReset to /AutoReset <level> parameter;
– Changed Command System requirements phrases;
– Fixed AutoReset to match with required level;
– Fixed AutoReset Level check;
– Added ResetDay, ResetWeek and ResetMonth to save at dbo.Character;

Update: 8.0
– Fixed new Custom Wings System (BETA);
– Fixed custom Wing at Select char Screen;
– Fixed custom Wing whem move Character;
– Added Wings number custom;
– Added custom limit for Wings;
– Added a Effect Code for Premium members;
– Fixed wcCashPoint, wpCashPoint, wgCashPoint price get for commands; 
– Fixed a possible crash when divide at gObjSetItemPlusSpecial;
– Fixed level bug when reaches level 370;
– Fixed ChaosBox Plus Mix Level rates at CommonServer.cfg and PlusItemLevelChaosMix;
– Added Marriage System (BETA);
– Fixed Bill Type for no charge message and crash;
– Fixed Bill Type Premium set for Free members;
– Fixed Date and time for Premium end;
– Added minimum level check to Marriage system;
– Fixed Divisor for 3rd wings and new wings at ChaosBox and GameMain;
– Fixed Premium access requirement error phrase for commands;
– Added a option for configure Rate for wings 2.5 in ChaosBox;

Update: 9.0
– Fixed seals and other buffs is not being saved at db;
– Fixed /evo command to count all features like combo, extra-points for 3rd quest;