Vote-Reward System with PostBack

This system does not actually have any installation, but several must be done to work with you correctly:

  1. You run the script.sql script in the SQL query analyzer
  2. Change the connection data in config.php. If you do not want to use the system separately and its login panel, set the session that uses your website in the config.
  3. You must manually change the links in the [link] and [backlink] columns in the [vote_info] table to match those in your account. Example: The number 93037 is my TOP 100 account, you need to change it to yours.


– [votelink]


As you can see, the voting link and the feedback link have nothing to do with each other, so don’t change anything but your account. Otherwise the feedback or voting link may not work and the result will be (headbang)