zTeam Season 8 Repack


Season 1 – Season 7 Events Working.
Modified Events, They all occur everyday.
Skill Tree Tested for all Class.
Configured EventItemBags, Set to like Webzen.
Modified Monstersetbase with Spots / NPCs in all Maps.
Modified All Shops with Items for all Classes + Extras.
Modified Drop Rates so Quest Items + Others + Extras Drop.
Modified Client Moves all now Sync with Server + New maps to move to.
Modified Database with Starting Item+0+L+Skill for all Class + 10m Zen
Modified Points per Level to Accomdate Bugs(only for Reset server.)
Modified some monsters to be Tough or Gives out more XP.
Replaced Main.exe with Main that can be started without Starter.exe.
Client crash when certain in-game buttons pressed fixed.
Few more configs i might have forgotten, Just check all.

Bug List

You cannot do guildwar on Server 1, so i added Server 2
You can GW,But you cannot drop eventbags.) Pick your poison lol.
Gens quest are not working.
Season 8 Events not Working.
Sometimes elf-summon attacks you.
Some bugs that were on zTeam S8