Web Xenmus – Mu Web (Enemy muweb 4.4 premium) + Sistema Ajax en menu

User Modules:
– Support MD5/NONMD5 Data Bases
– News //Shows who posted and when support multilanguages.
– Register //Easy and secure registration.
– Rules
– Faq
– Download
– Server Status //Detailed information about server.
– Resets:
+ Normal Resets
– Top character
– Top Guilds
– Top Phonomans //Top Player Killers.
– Top Richest //Players who have the most Zen.
– Ban Char List //Shows the list of banned character
– Ban Account List //Shows the list of banned accounts
– My Profile //You can edit your profile, so other users can see information about you
– Account Panel //Info about characters. Full logs of your account activity.
+ Add Stats //Adding free level up points.
+ Reset Stats //You can reset your stats and then readd them.
+ Clear PK
+ Rename //You can rename every charaters name.
+ Reset Level //With custom modification.
– Buy Points //You can buy level up points. (Admin can set if they are saving after reset or not)
– Change Class //You can easily change your charcter calss.
– Buy Zen //Buying zen for credits
– Statistics //Interactive statistics of game-servers
– Anti Bug System
+ Recover Stats //If you put more stats than it’s possible, you can reset them to maximum value.
+ Recover Money //If your money were burned, you can reset them to maxim value.
+ Teleoport to Lorencia //If you are into the map which doesnt exist, you can teleport yourself to Lorencia.
– Create Items //Webshop based item creation for credits.
– Multilanguage support //Fully integrated multilanguage system. News, Rulse, FAQ and Forum included in it.
+ English
+ Russian
+ Romanian
– Forum //Own Forum on Website
– Who is online //It shows count of users online on web and wich users
– Anti SQL Injection
– Events Start Time
– Online Helper //Interractive helper. Here you can put what do you want wich should know users(multilanguage support)
– Guild Info //All info about guild
– Banner Panel //Interractive panel wich can put a lot of banners
– Friends Panel
– Top 10 Panel //It shows top 10 heroes
– Who is online Ingame //It shows wich users are at the moment ingame
– Search by account,char-name,nickname //All of this options shows different info
– Easily can change website template

GM Panel:
Admin Panel:
– News Manager //Easy to add news. Support smiles, bbcode. From here you can set for what language you write news.
– Links Manager //Download links manager
– Credits Manager //You can add credits for users
– Account Manager //Editing Characters and Accounts ( lots of functions )
– Advanced Search
+ Get Account by IP
+ Get IP by Account
+ Get Account by Character
+ Get Characters by Account
– Webshop Manager //Adding, deleting, editing items in webshop.
– Ban Manager //Here you can set ban for Character or Account
– Ban IP //You can ban users by their IP
All the rest configurations with explanations are in cfgs.php file ( your web root folder ).